June 8th, 2023, Bucharest. Good deeds have no borders, and people’s generosity gives them strength. With this in mind, RMHC Romania, with the support of the Hili Ventures Group, has carried out three humanitarian shipments of essential goods that have reached more than 65,000 Ukrainian families in war-affected areas.


United in the desire to help vulnerable families and bring joy to the children left behind in a country where war leaves marks and pain, in April this year, a humanitarian shipment was sent to Ukraine, consisting of 8 tons of sweets. Other partners joined forces with RMHC Romania: De Silva Exclusiv sponsored 12 pallets of products, while Havi, one of the Foundation’s long-standing partners, supported the shipment logistically.

“As the Easter holiday was fast approaching, we wanted to offer a little joy to the families and children left behind in war-affected areas through our colleagues at RMHC Ukraine, our sister foundation. We thank our partners who have made it possible for another important relief effort to reach over 16,000 families.” said Amalia Năstase, President of RMHC Romania.


“We are deeply committed to supporting the people of Ukraine during this challenging time,” said Melo Hili, CEO of Hili Ventures. “Through our collaboration with RMHC Romania and the dedicated efforts of our subsidiaries across Europe, we are honored to contribute to the humanitarian shipments, providing much-needed aid to those affected by the conflict. Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian families, and we will continue to stand by their side in solidarity.”



The first humanitarian shipment to Ukraine was sent out in March 2022 and consisted of personal hygiene products, disinfectants, and clothes.  The value of the shipment exceeded €170,000, and it reached the Nicolaev Red Cross, where it was distributed to over 10,000 people. “Talking to our friends at RMHC Ukraine, taking into account their needs, the shipment contained 23 pallets of personal hygiene products, new clothes, disinfectants, that were highly needed by people in conflict areas with no access to running water. We were glad that we were able to make this humanitarian shipment happen quickly and we thank all the partners who joined us in the shortest time.” said Amalia Nastase, President of RMHC Romania



The concern for those in distress did not stop there. RMHC Romania supported their colleagues at RMHC Latvia to send a portable ultrasound to the Mobile Care unit in Ukraine. At the end of the year, the Foundation supported the ROMEXPO project of the Bucharest Social Welfare Department with 15 tons of basic food, which were distributed to Ukrainian families beneficiaries of the centre.


This year, on February 20th, a second humanitarian transport was sent to Ukraine.  This time the aid consisted of sending 17 tons of canned meat and vegetables, that reached 33,000 Ukrainian families left behind in war zones.



About RMHC Romania


The story of RMHC Romania began 25 years ago, out of a desire to fight for the well-being of children by developing and supporting projects that directly improve the health of children and the well-being of their families. The three Ronald McDonald Houses in Bucharest, Timisoara and Iasi are “homes away from home” for parents of sick children who require long-term treatment. Built in the courtyard of pediatric hospitals, in the Ronald McDonald Houses, parents find a place to sleep, receive a hot meal and all the support they need to get through the difficult times of their children’s illnesses.


The good is built together, constantly, and wholeheartedly, so community support is essential for RMHC’s projects to become a reality. Here’s how anyone can support RMHC Romania:

Find out more about the work of the Ronald McDonald Foundation Romania at www.rmhc.ro.


About Hili Ventures

Hili Ventures is the holding company of a diversified group with a deep rooted entrepreneurial heritage dating back to 1923. Through its various subsidiaries, Hili Ventures is engaged in food service & retail, real estate & hospitality, and shipping, engineering & technology in 11 countries across Europe and North Africa with a team of 11,000 people.


From its headquarters in Malta, Hili Ventures steers its subsidiaries towards continued growth in selected sectors and markets. Hili Ventures is a proud partner of Apple, iRiparo, Konecranes, McDonald’s, Microsoft, NCR, Six Senses and many other global brands.

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